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Voice Applications For Alexa And Google Assistant

Jared Makes Voice Applications

With nearly 60 million smart speakers installed in the United States, and with Voice tools being installed on over one billion devices by the end of 2019, it seemed like a good idea to get some experience building Voice applications. I've built everything from some basic marketing tools, to a game to help kids learn to read, to a demo for KFC. Hit the button below to check out my Voice Portfolio.


Jared Makes Web Applications

I spent the better half of 2018 working in Voice, but I did ship out a few web sites and web applications; including a full website overhaul for a company that makes custom gun stocks for Civil War era rifles, and a tool for Advance Auto Parts to track store rankings across several social media platforms. I plan on getting back to my web roots in 2019, with a bigger focus on full stack development and some frameworks. Hit the button below to check out my Web Portfolio.


Jared Makes Some Other Stuff

Like any good developer, I can't focus on just one thing, or five things, or fifty things... Hit the button below to check out some of my other stuff. You can see the gutter icons I made for Sublime Text (just hit 500 downloads!), or check out some of my CSS art. I haven't made too many things using CSS art (or even tried to learn how to do it "right" yet), but I like what I've made; especially the magic 8-ball.


Jared Makes This Section About Himself

jaredIt would be pretty crazy if my last name were makes, but it's not. You know what is crazy though? The fact that you've read this far and still haven't checked out any of my cool stuff. I appreciate that you want to know more. The short version is that I've been working retail since 1996, and have had many successes including running some very profitable businesses. But after 20 years this dude needed a break, so now I make really cool things using the power of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The first half of my career has been nothing less than awesome, and I can not wait to see what I can do in this industry!