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octocat from github

I've had a bunch of new projects popping up recently. Many are in development or are just demos that aren't on display to the public. However, you can visit my GitHub to see all my current work.

Assorted Gutter Themes

screenshot of gutter themes

Nothing major here, but since Assorted Gutter Themes is a package for Sublime Text I decided to keep it here. As of this posting, it's had nearly 500 downloads, not too shabby for gutter-eye-candy.


Below you can view some of my Pens from CodePen, or go to to my showcase page.

Pure CSS Pac-Man

Click on Pac-Man's head to freak the ghosts out

See the Pen pac-man by Jared (@JaredsPens) on CodePen.

Pure CSS/JS 8-Ball

See the Pen magic8ball by Jared (@JaredsPens) on CodePen.

Really Nice Shirt

My version of one of the exercises from "Sass - from beginner to real world".

See the Pen really-nice-shirt by Jared (@JaredsPens) on CodePen.

Easter Bunny Zombie

See the Pen bunnyCard by Jared (@JaredsPens) on CodePen.