Let's Read

Using Fry’s list of 1,000 sight words, Let’s Read teaches children how to read through fun interactions. Let’s Read uses positive feedback to keep kids interested and coming back to play again and again. Alexa will display a flash card with the word and even display a count of the correct answers. I hope to see this skill get some use in the class room.

KFC Demo

No link, as this was a demo. Here’s a brief demo video

I was brought in at the last minute to create demo for this client (3 day turn around). It needed to include a SMS feature, have image and video support and the ability to switch audio output to and from English to Spanish.The SMS was a breeze thanks to Twilio. The language switch worked by creating a variable in the code logic and having separate output responses tied to individual variables. I would have preferred to have one output response that ran through a translation API, but time constraints didn’t allow for that solution. Working under the time pressure, was not the most enjoyable thing I ever did, fortunately, my code was designed from the beginning to allow for rapid changes, so we were able to keep up the momentum.


clayco logo

I was brought in to build an Alexa skill with a very short turn around time (less than one week), with a complex conversation flow. Client also needed image and video support. The biggest challenge was the short turn around and the complicated nature of the conversation flow: Multiple branches that could interact with one another. Fortunately, I have a custom template I use for Alexa skills, which cut the development time down significantly. For the conversation flow, I had to create several controllers to handle various Yes and No responses based on which question the user was saying Yes and No to.

Koffee Kult

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I was brought in work on the front end of a simple Alexa skill to help market Koffee Kult’s coffee. It needed to be able to collect data and email users one time use coupons. To be honest, this was pretty cut and dry for me. There were no particular challenges with the front end outside of ensuring the responses fulfilled for the correct criteria (i.e. notifications on or off, allows email on or off, received coupon on or off, etc…). I did have some extra time to help with a little bit of the back end logic, and worked on an issue with users being able to get multiple coupon codes by uninstalling an reinstalling the skill. I enjoyed this project quite a bit.

Your Happiness Now

a group of people stand in a circle and smile

Also available on Google Assistant.

Client requested an Alexa version of her already exiting iPhone app and also wanted to promote her new book. The app was not ideally designed for the voice space. Incorporating audio assets without them feeling forced, was also a bit tricky. I resigned the flow of the app to work in voice. I used Alexa to “introduce” the author to the listener and let her share her thoughts through audio files. I’m really happy with the audio incorporation within this skill. At the time, I feel it was a really unique way of handling the client request. (note: this was created when Amazon had more strict requirements on audio files; client did not update their audio yet, so it may sound a bit “tinny” on Alexa).